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Knife Sheaths

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The revolution begun in the 70's with kydex knife sheaths has become a standard. At Survival Sheath we use Boltaron, a different type of thermoplastic that we think is superior to kydex, with better heat and cold resistance. I like to think of it as the difference between Comp B and C-4, in terms of usage. What it does very well is protect the user, and provide a rock solid fit. The greatest hazard from a blade is the loss of control of the cutting edge. Mechanical straps can and will fail, while the molded sheath, once seated, will not. Multiple styles are available such as the fold over, and the two piece. Other sheaths are dictated by the design of the blade, like certain kerambits or kukri shapes. Regardless, the best quality will be provided. Basic belt sheaths come with bet loops, with additional belt accessories available, such as the Tek Lok or nylon danglers.

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